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Tuesday, November 30 2021
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Business Connexion (BCX), Africa’s leading information and communications technology solutions and service provider, received a record number of entries for the annual BCX Digital Innovation Awards this year. 
Established in 2019, these awards recognise digital innovation excellence in SA, focusing on large corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 
Covid-19 left an indelible mark on our lives and livelihoods, yet it has allowed us to make incredible technological leaps and bounds,” says Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX. “This year’s entrants have proven beyond doubt that SA is more than capable of playing on a global stage and, most importantly, there is so much scope for technology to create solutions that can move our economy forward.
“We’d like to congratulate all the winners and runners-up on finding reasons to believe by investing in research and resources to drive meaningful change in business and our society. We look forward to seeing these innovations grow in scale and impact.”
Winner: Response24+ — 911 Response24 app
Response24+’s family-focused emergency response app, 911 Response24, summons armed response and medical emergency services at the tap of a button, 24/7.
Even if users are unable to speak or are unsure of their exact location, the app ensures help is dispatched to the exact GPS-located position the call is coming from.
Second place: Technovera — Pelebox Smart Locker
Social impact start-up Technovera’s digital platform Pelebox manages various internet-enabled smart lockers.
Pelebox Smart Lockers allow patients to collect their repeat chronic medication in under two minutes instead of queuing for hours at public clinics. It’s a social innovation that leverages the power of technology to improve service delivery and offer patient-centric service.
Third place: Pargo — Pargo Pickup Points
Pargo is the leading click-and-collect and returns solution for online and omnichannel businesses. Its Pickup Points allows online shoppers to collect parcels at a store of their choosing with more than 2,500 options across SA. 
Many online stores offer the Pargo option on the checkout page. Customers simply have to click the map and pick their preferred pickup point. Once the parcel is on its way, delivery notifications will be sent out via email and sms.
Winner: RTT Logistics — On-Demand
RTT Logistics’ On-Demand solution allows clients to connect suppliers with consumers through access to and the fulfilment of goods and services. This delivery network’s mechanism consists of software with web service integration into various platforms, motorbikes, light delivery vehicles and customer service. It’s a true last mile service where time is of the essence for the client’s customer. 
Second place: Old Mutual — Comma Insurance
Old Mutual’s Comma Insurance is an on-demand digital solution that allows customers to insure specific items — ranging from laptops and bicycles to camping equipment and cameras — with the functionality to switch cover on and off via a WhatsApp bot. It offers affordable premiums that are calculated based on the required insurance periods only.
Third place: Old Mutual — SMEgo
Old Mutual’s SMEgo is a multi-user funding platform that connects SMEs with funding providers, facilitating the application process and allowing for the centralised collection of all funding opportunities. SMEgo aims to increase applicants’ success rates, reduce lenders’ screening times and ensure that businesses are given the opportunity to access the capital required for future success.
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