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By | Oct 27, 2021
CHANNEL: Customer Experience
Cloud communications platform Twilio announced the launch of Twilio Engage last week — an automation platform and the company’s latest addition to its customer engagement platform, aimed at helping marketers deliver omnichannel campaigns fit for the digital era.
According to Twilio, Twilio Engage allows marketers to use any combination of tools, data integrations, analytics and messaging in an effort to deliver “true one-to-one customer engagement at scale.”
Twilio Engage is set to combine Twilio’s already up-and-running customer data platform, Twilio Segment’s customer data infrastructure with the company’s scalable communication APIs — giving marketers the ability to build their own customer experiences. The platform will also offer over 400 integrations in addition to email and SMS, giving users the ability to deliver communications to people through their preferred channels.
“We believe Twilio Engage is going to disrupt marketing and customer engagement,” said Twilio Segment CEO Peter Reinhardt. “Until today, no single platform has made it possible to power personalized interactions across the entire customer journey. For years, marketers have been locked into one-size-fits-all marketing suites built for an entirely different era. Twilio Engage delivers true end-to-end customer engagement by giving businesses the best customer data, powerful messaging capabilities, and unlimited API extensibility. This is what it takes to deliver truly satisfying customer experiences and improve acquisition, conversion, and retention.” Built on real-time, first-party customer data — Twilio sees Twilio Engage as an all-encompassing growth automation platform, poised to allow marketers to quickly build and scale hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns from start to finish.
In its effort to enable users to create such campaigns, Twilio says the new platform will enable marketers to personalize every interaction by offering accurate, real-time first-party customer data while allowing marketers to build audience groups from the micro level. That ability along with the company’s past experience in powering 25 billion calls, 127 billion messages and 1 trillion emails, show its ability to connect users to their audience.
“With Twilio Engage, we are able to collect, unify, and connect customer data in real time and build meaningful relationships at every touchpoint of the customer journey,” said president Amit Shah. “We’re accelerating our digital business and data infrastructure by nearly a decade, and by doing so, delighting our customers.”
Twilio has worked since 2008, enabling web service APIs to communicate with their users through multiple platforms. Last week’s announcement looks to further that mission of seamless marketing interaction.
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