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Developers wishing to create applications supplied with data about individual countries and other international data may be interested in these APIs found in the Countries category of ProgrammableWeb.
A Countries API, or Application Programming Interface, is an interface that connects developers to software featuring data concerning countries around the world.
APIs in the Countries category may provide data about demographics, geography, culture, flags, airport codes, postal codes, capital cities, universities, natural history, currency and financial markets, environment and any number of regional features.
This article focuses on the 10 favorite Countries APIs of ProgrammableWeb readers.
REST Countries APITrack this API provides information about the world’s nations via REST calls. These calls allow users to retrieve all available countries or to retrieve a given country’s currency, capital city, calling code, region, sub-region, ISO 639-1 language, name, or country code.
Nutritics APITrack this API supports the extraction and manipulation of nutrition and food-related data from the official national databases of countries around the world. It operates as a multilingual gateway Portal to country-specific nutrition and dietetics data. The API is useful for developing analytical addons applications for recipes, diets, and meal planning, in addition to customizing access to academic research and collaboration resources.
Nutritics API provides nutrition of products from specific countries. Image: Nutritics

The University Domains and Names Data List APITrack this API from Hipo Labs retrieves JSON files with domains, names, and countries of national and international universities.
OpenAQ uses a combination of open data and open source tools as well as a global, grassroots community to fight air inequality in different locations across the world. Use the Open AQ APITrack this API to build apps that power a variety of air quality measurement tools. The API convey responses in JSON format.
The Numbeo Cost of Living APITrack this API integrates living conditions comparisons between two cities or countries. Methods include cities, price items, currency exchange, hotel prices, indices, crime, healthcare, pollution, traffic, and climate.
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The GeoDataSource Neighbouring Countries Web ServiceTrack this API enables users to get the associated land border countries (the neighboring countries) based on the input of country code in ISO3166-2 format.
The World Bank Country APITrack this API returns country data including region, income level, ISO codes, lending type, capital city, longitude, and latitude. Data is provides in JSON or XML formats.
The Graph Countries APITrack this API is a free GraphQL API to query country-related data like currencies, languages, flags, regions+subregions, bordering countries, and distance to other countries.
The Basetrip APITrack this API offers a variety of travel information by country including currency information, electricity (sockets & plugs), ATM locations, credit and debit cards information, driving data, dial codes, health related information, and emergency numbers. Additionally, Basetrip offers GeoJSON formatted data.
Add travel information about various countries to apps via this API. Image: The Basetrip

The Tuxx EU Country APITrack this API checks whether a given country is a country in the European Union. A country in the European Union is a country that belongs to the economic and political union of 28 member states which are primarily located in Europe.
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