Launches New Enterprise API Gateway and Updated Service Mesh – ProgrammableWeb, a cloud-native enterprise solutions provider, has announced the release of Gloo Mesh Gateway, an all-new enterprise API gateway, and the latest iteration of the company’s Gloo Mesh product. Solo hopes that this release will provide a unified Platform for developers.’s blog post announcing the new products outlined the evolution of the company’s technology in stating that:
“We took our years of experience building and supporting in production the popular Gloo Edge gateway on Envoy Proxy and implemented that directly onto the Istio Gateway. No longer will Istio users need to set up one control plane to help with Istio and another one entirely for gateway traffic. With Gloo Mesh Enterprise, they get one product that can do both.
With the sometimes considerable overlap between the two technologies, it seems fitting that a company would combine the two products into a unified offering. To learn more about this release make sure to check out the blog post
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