SolarWinds hack poses risk to cloud services' API keys and IAM identities – SC Magazine

Jessica DavisSeptember 21, 2021
All individuals who’ve used services from the Alaska DHHS are being notified that their data was possibly stolen during a cyberattack four months ago. Officials have been transparent about the ongoing criminal investigation and network outages, but the incident spotlights continued challenges faced by government and health departments.
Jessica DavisSeptember 20, 2021
This week’s health care data breach roundup is led by a systems hack and data exfiltration incident at USV Optical. Other incidents include several email hacks, ransomware, and further data theft.
Jessica DavisSeptember 16, 2021
The FTC Health Breach Notification Rule was enacted 10 years ago to protect the privacy and security of consumer health data not covered by HIPAA, but it was never enforced. A policy decision enacted on Sept. 15 will change that.