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Adrian joined SC Media’s parent company, CyberRisk Alliance in 2020. He will focus primarily on cybersecurity product reviews, but will also provide industry insight trends for both SC Media and Security Weekly (another CyberRisk Alliance company). He brings two decades of industry experience, working as a practitioner, penetration tester, and industry analyst. He spent the last few years as an entrepreneur, challenging norms in sales and marketing for a variety of vendors. Adrian loves to cook, eat, hike, play music and regale his teenagers with stories of what the early days of the Internet were like.
Jessica DavisSeptember 29, 2021
Found in a host of medical devices, HHS warns that the recently disclosed BrakTooth vulnerabilities could by crash the firmware or create a deadlock condition. An exploit could result in adverse consequences, including interruptions to patient care.
Joe UchillSeptember 28, 2021
Google announced Tuesday it would offer bounties up to $3,133.7 for expanding the functionality its open-source hyperscale networking vulnerability scanner, Tsunami.
Steve ZurierSeptember 24, 2021
Apple continues to stay in the limelight with news around zero-day exploits; unknown researcher alleges Apple failed to patch bugs he found and did not give him credit, then claims to have released exploit code.