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An effective national response to COVID-19 requires collective efforts by the global community, multi-sectoral coordination at the national level, development partners, and other entities. The Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control (EpiC) consortium is well positioned to support the Royal Thai Government (RTG), community partners, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. This provides support to strengthen the Thailand Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), provincial, and community capacity to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and mitigate its impacts on morbidity and mortality. Two key objectives are (1) accelerating widespread and equitable access to and delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations; and (2) reducing morbidity and mortality from COVID-19, mitigate transmission, and strengthen health systems, including to prevent, detect, and respond to pandemic threats.
To seek for a quotation from venders on the server and software products, to be procured by FHI 360 for EpiC Thailand project regarding COVID-19 activities. They are as follows:
Server (1 unit): Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10
Software product (6 licenses): VMWARE Vspher 6.7 (or higher version)
Software product (1 license): (VMWARE VCENTER 6.7 (or higher version)
Specifications of server and software products
The specifications of server and software products are provided below.
1.1. Server designed specifically for Hyper Converged Appliance, with the size of 2U
1.2. The system regarding Hyper Converged must be the manufacturer in Leader Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (latest 2019)
1.3. Processor: Intel Xeon Processor, 12-Core Processor, 2.4GHz or higher, at least 2 units
1.4. Memory: at least 512GB, type: DDR4 RDIMM or LRDIMM or higher version
1.5. Capacity Storage: at least 4TB and at least 8 units
1.6. Data storage can support one unit of defect in every node altogether without affecting the data of virtual server or Hyper Converged appliance system
1.7. Data storage for Solid State Cache (or higher version), at least 1.92TB, 4 units
1.8. Data storage for Solid State Cache (or higher version) that can support for at least one unit of every node without affecting the efficacy of the server or causing system halt
1.9. At least 4 ports for Network interface, 10/25Gb or higher version, together with 4 sets of Transceiver with at least 10Gb SFP
1.10. Power Supply, Hot Plug or Hot Swap, at least 1600W, 2 units, and also Cooling Fans, Redundant type, supporting for Hot Plug or Hot Swap
1.11. Scale-out and Open architecture that can share Data Store with other ESXi
1.12. Inline Deduplication, Compression และ Data Optimization
1.13. Supporting for increasing nodes, Hyper Converged without stopping the system
1.14. Installing the system of Software Defined Storage with qualifications as follows:
1.14.1 Scale-out and Open architecture that can share Data Store with other ESXi
1.14.2 Active-Active cluster by synchronize Replication
1.14.3 Multiple Site DR (Many to One)
1.14.4 Update Hyper Converged software, Firmware without stopping system
1.14.5 Data-at-rest encryption by Self-encrypting drives or similar technology without any additional charge
1.15. Software for Hyper Converged system, cloud base service type, with the qualifications as follows:
1.15.1 Predictive Resource Planning
1.15.2 Able to see the resource usage of the system regarding Data Center, Cluster, Host and VM
1.15.3 Able to notify the fixation status in case of system damage
1.16. Software for backup 1 set with qualifications as follows:
1.16.1 Genuine software as per number of processers of the server and can be use all the time according to the server
1.16.2 Be able to backup and recover the data on system of VMware vSphere without installing Agent
1.16.3 Be able to recover the data (file level) on Guest OS (at least Windows and Linux)
1.16.4 Consistency application
1.16.5 Data storage for backup data that safe from Ransomware
1.16.6 Backup without snapshot VMs
1.16.7 WAN Acceleration for receiving and sending the backup data through WAN
1.16.8 Deduplication or Compression of backup data by Global Deduplication
1.16.9 vSphere Web Client
1.16.10 Centralize Management
2.1. vSMP – Virtual Symmetric Multi-Processing, maximum at 128 Virtual CPUs
2.2. API connecting to Third-Party Backup Software, Multipath Software
2.3. High Availability (HA) by automatic restart of VM in case of problems on Hardware or Operating System
2.4. Managing the disk area on Shared Storage for Thin Provisioning VM
2.5. Agentless VM backup system, with de-duplication and replication of backup data to backup computer center
2.6. Relocation of VM among the server without affecting the users
2.7. Fault Tolerance for continuous working of application in case of problems on the hardware of the server
2.8. Relocation of disk file of VM between storages without affecting the users
3.1. Be able to manage VM from the central network
3.2. Manage the resources for VMs from the central network such as CPU and memory clustering for each VM
3.3. Single Sign-On for login
3.4. Alert and Notifications
3.5. Customized User Interface or custom role and permissions on inventory of VMs
3.6. Be able to search for Host, VM, Datastore and Network
3.7. Web-based VM system management through the Web Browser
If your company is interested in the server and software products as mentioned above, please submit only one quotation for all 3 items to email: [email protected]
The deadline for submission is 10th December 2021.
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