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Enterprise data management company Qumulo has launched a business continuity feature to help protect against ransomware threats. 
The feature, Qumulo Recover Q, stores backup data on customers' premises but also replicates and snapshots files in the cloud. 
The on-premises deployment is included in the company's Qumulo Server Q product, a file management system running on bare-metal Linux systems. It runs on the primary Server Q cluster and replicates to a remote site. It can also replicate from the remote cluster to others. 
The cloud option offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) capability, allowing cloud-based fail-overs. It ships as part of Qumulo Cloud Q, a cloud-based data management system that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or GoogleCloud. 
Qumulo Recover Cloud replicates files from Server Q to a Cloud Q cluster. It can also replicate to Server Q clusters running at the user's facilities or in alternate cloud providers' infrastructures. 
The company highlights reduced capital and operating expenditure as two key product benefits. Cloud operation eliminates the need for dedicated backup data centers, the company points out. It also enables customers to cut operating expenses by using application programming interfaces (APIs) to instantiate Cloud Q as a hot site only when needed for fail-over purposes. 
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Recover Q Cloud runs on AWS and Google Cloud as self-managed infrastructure and on Azure as a fully managed service. 
Qumulo's data management products store files in their native formats, enabling its products to build workflows around the files on-premises and in cloud environments. It focuses on its ability to store and process large volumes of structured and unstructured files, enabling customers to manipulate them via its API. 
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