Pigeon Launches Customer Service App and Web Portal – Destination CRM

Customer service technology provider Pigeon has launched the Pigeon app and web portal.
Pigeon says its new offering offers a human-to-human engagement platform that gives consumers control to reach any business at any time while making customer service easier and more intuitive for businesses.
“We are thrilled to announce a platform that finally bridges the gap between customer desires and business needs,” said Pigeon CEO and Founder Leon Redensky in a statement. “Our vision is to become the go-to platform for simple and consistent customer service across all businesses, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and business productivity. We are proud to offer a product that customers will benefit from as much as businesses.”
The Pigeon app helps companies collaborate, pass information back and forth in real time, and address other service-related processes in one app. The initial version 1.0 is currently live with select businesses participating in Pigeon’s Early Access Program. Pigeon plans to roll-out more broadly later this year with more advanced features and a wider range of businesses.
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