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TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) September 22, 2021
Park Bench Solutions builds upon its momentum, recently named Triple Crown Winner and Top API Solutions Provider by CIO Applications, with an injection of additional operating capital through a new, non-dilutive funding agreement. Park Bench, launched in 2012 by Founder & CEO Marc Tribbe, continues to lead the industry with a series of firsts for Cisco BroadWorks™: first to automate bulk provisioning and cloning from templates; first self-branded user, reseller, and admin portal solutions; first full-configuration backup and restore utility; first live migration utility; first cloud-based solution; and now the first true SaaS productivity platform. The odin Productivity Platform is also the first to eliminate: infrastructure costs and labor, upfront licensing costs, and long-term commitments. Service providers can now enjoy a predictable COGS (cost of goods sold) for the first time with a simple monthly cost per user and instant time to first value. Wrapping odin around BroadWorks instantly extends the life of the investment and ensures continued innovation for years to come.
Park Bench secures this new $1.5M financial vehicle through a non-dilutive, structured debt agreement from its original angel investor from 2014. According to Founder & CEO, Marc Tribbe, “this injection of capital accelerates our plans to help service providers automate ‘Beyond BroadWorks’, adding more advanced integrations with telecom billing and premium feature providers – all of which are designed to help fully automate revenue operations and all the labor-intensive, error-prone quote-to-cash workflows that our service providers deal with today.”
With this new influx of investment capital, Park Bench will be immediately expanding its team by adding passionate and talented team members in customer success, project management, API / web development, and marketing roles.
About Park Bench Solutions
Simplify. Modernize. Automate.
Park Bench Solutions, and their award-winning odin Platform & API, helps global BroadWorks service providers to extend the life of their investments, optimize their profits, and automate quote-to-cash workflows and M&A consolidation activities to complete digital transformation of their cloud communications product offerings.
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