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On 23 Oct 2021, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced that only employees who are vaccinated, or have recovered from COVID-19 within 270 days, can return to the workplace from 1 Jan 2022. 
As for unvaccinated employees, they will be required to have a negative Pre-Event Testing (PET)1 result valid for the duration that employees are required to be present at the workplace. The costs of the PET are to be borne by the employee. 
Following this, the tripartite partners (Ministry of Manpower, Singapore National Employers Federation, National Trades Union Congress) have issued an updated advisory to provide guidance to employers on adjusting their HR policies, in consultation with unions if applicable, for implementation from 1 Jan 2022. The updates are as follows:
For unvaccinated employees whose work can be performed at home, employers may allow them to continue to do so, but “such working arrangements remain the employers’ prerogative.” The tripartite partners noted: “As the vast majority of vaccinated employees eventually return to the workplace more frequently, the prolonged absence of the unvaccinated employees from the workplace may affect their individual performance as well as negatively impact team or organisational performance.”
For employees whose work cannot be performed from home, employers can:
Special consideration for unvaccinated employees who are medically ineligible for vaccines under the National Vaccination Programme (NVP)
Employers should consider the following measures for employees who are certified to be medically ineligible for vaccines under the NVP:
According to the tripartite partners, the new vaccination measures follow data by the government which shows that 70% of firms have attained 100% vaccine coverage for their workforce, and 96% of the total workforce has been vaccinated. However, there still remains around 113,000 employees who have yet to be vaccinated – of which only a small portion are medically ineligible for vaccination.
Of these, around 14,000 are aged 60 and above, and are at a very high risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 infection, the partners stated. Thus,
The remaining 4% of unvaccinated employees are “encouraged to go for vaccination as soon as possible to avoid any impact to their jobs and livelihoods.” 
These workplace safety measures are amongst one of many updates announced. For information on other matters covered, click here: How Singapore continues to manage COVID: Home recovery, concessions for the medically-ineligible, and more
Unvaccinated employees may proceed to MOH-approved COVID-19 test providers for PET. 
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