Jeff Bezos's Amazon 'Business Miracle' Is Under Threat – Bloomberg

Amazon’s cloud-services dominance is waning as corporate America flocks to rivals Microsoft and Google. It’s a big challenge for incoming CEO Andy Jassy.
While Amazon Web Services still holds a commanding lead in cloud services, the competition is catching up.
The biggest challenge for Inc.’s next boss, Andy Jassy, may come from the business he knows best: cloud-computing services.
Starting next week, and for the first time in the internet giant’s 27-year history, someone other than its larger-than-life founder Jeff Bezos will be calling the shots as he steps aside to make way for Jassy, the current head of Amazon Web Services. Jassy will have big shoes to fill. Bezos generated $1.7 trillion in value for investors by creating new products — including Kindle and Alexa — and being on the forefront of vast new growth markets in e-commerce, online marketplaces and cloud services. But before Jassy can think about matching the inventiveness of his predecessor, he will have more immediate concerns.