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The shares of ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC) currently trade at $36 per share, which is 6% above its pre-Covid level. On the other hand, shares of Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) are trading at $41 per share, which is 12% above its pre-Covid level. Does that make VIAC a better stock pick compared to DISH? Both companies belong to the media industry, with one being a new entrant in streaming and the other focusing on 5G technology. ViacomCBS is a bigger company, with its market cap and revenue base being higher than Dish Network. However, DISH has exhibited much better revenue growth, margin improvement, and a stronger balance sheet. These factors have helped it command a better valuation multiple (P/E) of 9.2x as against 7.6x for VIAC. Dish Network is better placed for further rise considering its latest deal with Amazon Web Service (AWS) for 5G expansion and no exposure to highly affected sectors like theme parks, unlike VIAC. We compare a slew of factors such as historical revenue growth, returns, and valuation multiple in an interactive dashboard analysis, ViacomCBS vs DISH Network: Industry Peers; Which Stock Is A Better Bet?
Revenue Growth

Returns (Profits)
Net of it all
Though VIAC is a bigger company in size, overall Dish Network has exhibited much better revenue and profit margin growth, along with better liquidity. For this, the company has been rewarded, which is reflected in the market return (last three years) for DISH stock which stood at 30%, as against -30% for VIAC stock. Dish Network is likely to showcase better top and bottom line growth in the coming quarters compared to ViacomCBS. This growth will mostly be driven by recent acquisitions and the decision to partner with cloud computing giant Amazon Web Service (AWS) to sell 5G wireless services to businesses. Dish Network plans to connect its 5G network hardware and management software through AWS – the biggest computing service provider. It is also expected that Dish will prioritize its focus on enterprise before consumer retail wireless. This is likely to help Dish tap a wide market in association with Amazon’s AWS as 5G enterprise applications are expected to be used in smart factories, drones, autonomous vehicles, remote health care services, and many more areas.
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