Grammarly for Developers Provides AI-Powered Writing Analysis via API – ProgrammableWeb

Grammarly, the provider of a popular cloud-based writing assistant, has announced a new developer Platform that is intended to provide tools for integrating the service into third-party applications. Grammarly for Developers was initially launched alongside a new Grammarly Text Editor SDK.
Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK plays a vital role in simplifying the process of integrating writing analysis and suggestion functionality across the web. Grammarly’s announcement of the new platform stated that:
“Previously, developers needed to spend hundreds of hours developing their own technologies, like exploring natural language processing models using Machine Learning, if they wanted to deliver better writing outcomes for users. With the Grammarly Text Editor SDK, developers can help people communicate effectively in their applications by adding just a few lines of code.”
The company’s offering provides robust analytics that can be broken down into four categories. Grammarly defines these categories as “correctness (grammar and writing mechanics), clarity (conciseness and readability), engagement (vocabulary and variety), and delivery (tone, formality, and confidence).”
The Grammarly for Developers portal includes a new API and Documentation, sample applications and Source Code, and a getting started guide. 
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