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Video games were a constant struggle for Inc. But, now that it has a hit online games, it anticipates that the business will thrive. During a technology conference, Andy Jassy, the company’s chief executive officer, said that games might become the most prominent entertainment category over the long term. Recently purchasing Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for $8.45 billion was a bold statement for a company that has failed in gaming for more than a decade
Amazon just released a computer game called New World in which archers and ax-wielding adventurers settle in a mythical land. Several million active players use the app every day, according to Jassy. Gamers and viewers have also continued to show interest in Amazon’s live streaming website Twitch. Metacritic, an online review aggregator, reported an 81% average score for the first four online reviews.
Jassy handled Amazon’s video games strategy long before he became CEO in July. Despite its debut in 2012, the division experienced years of turmoil. In January, an article by Bloomberg titled “Amazon Can Make Just About Anything-but a Good Video Game” detailed the arduous journey.
Many articles were written claiming that Amazon can build everything except games. So why can’t they create games? GeekWire sponsored a Seattle tech news event on Tuesday, where Jassy spoke. They didn’t lose their resolve despite a few or several hits before finding an impact. 
Crucible was the first video game Amazon released in May 2020. As a result of the negative reviews, the company quickly backed off. After Crucible was discontinued completely a year ago, customers were refunded their money. However, you are going to have some spectacular failures, Jassy warned.
Jeff Bezos immediately declared New World a success after its warm reception; the former CEO tweeted three days after releasing the game. After many failures and setbacks in gaming, Amazon kept going regardless of the odds. Later, he shared a link to a story from Bloomberg from January that detailed the company’s gaming shortcomings.
Experts recommend caution, despite early signs of hope. They still have a long way to go before saying this is a success. However, video game analyst, David Cole, tells Business Insider that it is not a catastrophe. In the sense that you wouldn’t be paying that much attention to it if it weren’t Amazon, however, it isn’t what we consider a huge game.
In general, critics find the game to be good but not outstanding. PC Gamer wrote that he didn’t know whether he was having a good time or was very bored. Approximately 77,000 reviews on Steam indicate mixed responses, although long queues to access online were blamed for many negative reviews.
The game reached the top of the list of most played games on Steam on Tuesday, about a week after its release. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people were watching it on Twitch.
Luna’s new game streaming service is powered by Amazon Web Service graphics processing technology, allowing users to stream high-quality content over direct connections and broadband. Though streaming video games can experience slowdowns and stutters over weak connections, Morales contends that servers near the players minimise lag by using a cloud system.
Luna is built on Amazon Web Services and our graphics processing system, says Morales. When developers create new games and a new console generation, you see these giant leaps in visual fidelity and quality. We can update the underlying infrastructure when we build on AWS, one of the beautiful aspects of that strategy. In addition, we can make use of the resources of AWS.
Third-party developers can use the cloud-based machine learning capabilities of AWS to offload tedious and repetitive tasks, such as bug testing. As a result, human staff can concentrate on more creative tasks. In addition, by automating complex tasks, like designing art and preparing games for play, Morales says, customers do not have to worry as much about operations.
The technology for streaming games isn’t perfect. There have been instances where the video stutters and the controls lag. Game sessions can be disrupted, and data is lost when the connection drops. Despite that, Morales says video games are complicated. He compares the current state of cloud gaming with the earliest days of online music and video.
Today, Morales says that the video game streaming industry resembles the Amazon Prime Video and Netflix of a decade ago. The streaming protocol knows what comes next when you watch a video or listen to music. The length of a song, like the number of chapters in a video, depends on its size. The nature of games is that you never know what is going to happen. It can be challenging to stream that technology because it introduces a lot of variables that end-users and customers may feel
Despite its heavy investment in Prime Video content to compete with other major video content providers, Amazon sees video games as the largest form of entertainment on Earth. Considering Amazon’s views on the future of the video gaming industry and all of the software and services mentioned above, I believe the online retail giant is positioned to play a significant role in the industry.
Amazon just might become a significant player in the gaming industry when we consider the vast amounts of money it could spend on gaming content. Consider that Amazon spent $22 billion in 2017 on technology and content alone, including workers’ wages creating new products and services. Compared to 2015, the amount spent on content and technology nearly doubled.
The majority of talent is counted by EA and Activision. However, Amazon may be able to spend more than them. A great game requires excellent design and programming talent, not just fancy software and technology. With its budget, Amazon could attract some of the best developers in the industry and dominate the video game market.
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