FUZU launched for job seekers – Guardian Nigeria

FUZU Limited, a next generation online employment and career development platform for Nigerian job seekers and employers has been launched in Lagos to fix the job market.
FUZU, meaning to succeed in Swahili, is a one-stop career development platform that allows job seekers, irrespective of their level of education and seniority, to plan their future, to learn new skills and competencies and to ultimately find a job that best matches their ambitions and background.
It is a service that continuously encourages and guides job seekers to the right direction by providing them personalised recommendations and guaranteed feedback on every application.
According to the Chief Executive Officer, Fuzu, Ltd, Mr. Jussi Hinkkanen, www.fuzu.com “is not an app, it is a web service that can be accessed through your computer, laptop or mobile phone.  It works like an app but it is a web service.”
He added: “It is not our fight. It is all of your fight. We need to fix the job market together. We need to come out with creative solutions, together.”
Country Director, Fuzu Nigeria Ltd, Ms Patricia Duru said that if we fix the job market, it will not only prevent brain drain but will also help to improve the economy.
She said that Fuzu is set to completely transform the face of recruitment and talent development in Nigeria. “Statistics have proven that not only does Fuzu tangibly improves its users profile, it also eliminates all forms of conscious and unconscious bias from recruitment,” she said. 
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