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The addition of Reveal(x) Advisor services to the Reveal(x) 360 network detection and response tools helps organizations proactively manage cybersecurity hygiene and accelerate incident response.

ExtraHop announced Tuesday expanded Reveal(x) Advisor services to include threat detection and threat hunting services as well as network assurance analysis. In beta mode earlier this year, the service is now available to all customers.
Reveal(x) Advisor is not a stand alone service. It works alongside ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360, the company’s SaaS-based network detection and response offering. Reveal(x) Advisor provides customers access to ExtraHop’s threat and security analysts to help them uncover indicators of suspicious network activity that could indicate a security breach. 
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“Reveal(x) Advisor experts help customers identify potential weaknesses in their environment to continuously keep it updated and compliant,” Mark Bowling, ExtraHop’s vice president of Security Response Services, said in an email. “When it comes to network assurance, this includes automatic discovery and classification of all assets on the network, including unmanaged devices like enterprise IoT, medical IoT, and industrial operational technology. Not only does Reveal(x) 360 see the devices, it also … helps identify devices that need to be patched quickly in the event of a CVE.” 
The new services are meant to augment existing cybersecurity teams, Bowling said, which are often overworked and short-staffed due to a lack of qualified talent. According to the Ponemon Institute, 60% of breached organizations found the root cause to be a known vulnerability with an available patch that was not applied.
“The sophistication of attacks combined with fierce competition for security talent has convinced many organizations to turn to professional and managed services,” Christina Richmond, program vice president for Security Services at IDC, said in a press release.
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According to a 2021 cybersecurity staffing report from Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), “The cybersecurity skills crisis continues on a downward, multi-year trend of bad to worse and has impacted more than half (57%) of organizations … The top ramifications of the skills shortage include an increasing workload for the cybersecurity team (62%), unfilled open job requisitions (38%), and high burnout among staff (38%).”
“There are many dimensions to the talent shortage,” Bowling said. “It’s not just the challenge of hiring talent, it’s also the challenge of retaining it. Security is a high-stress, high-pressure job. For organizations with lower security maturity, or in industries that can’t pay a premium for talent, it’s hard to recruit and retain. The retention issue is especially impactful when it comes to security posture.”
Delivered as a managed service, the new Reveal(x) Advisor services include:
Proactive analysis and review of critical assets to identify known vulnerabilities, SSL hygiene, exposure risks, unauthorized devices, shadow applications and anomalous network behavior 
On-demand access to Extrahop security advisors
Proactive threat hunting based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework to search and explore the network, system alerts and transmission data to identify suspicious activity and actions
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