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There are many frameworks used in web application development, each of them has its own advantages and limitations. To develop a python based web application, there are three frameworks used very popularly – Django, Flask and FastAPI. Here in the article, we will discuss these three frameworks used for python-based web application development. Along with understanding these frameworks, we will also try to understand their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will do a comparative analysis of these frameworks based on several important parameters. The following major points we will cover in this article.
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Let’s begin by discussing the Django framework.
Django is a web framework based on python which is free and open source. The architecture pattern which it follows is the model-template-views architecture pattern. It was created by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison in 2003. Nowadays it is one of the most popular frameworks in the world because of its robust behaviour.
One of the primary goals of Django is to make it easy to develop complex database-driven websites. It is used by some of the giant websites like Instagram, Mozilla, Nextdoor, and clubhouse. The reasons for being famous are less code, low coupling and reusability, and pluggability of components in the time of development. Also, these features help in the rapid development. 
Advantages of Django
Where the model manages the data of the application, the view renders the user interface of the model, and the controller controls the input and the interaction between user and model.
Disadvantages of Django
Flask is a web framework developed in python. flask is a microframework because of no requirement of any particular library or tools in the web development with it. Common functionality provided by pre-existing third-party libraries.
With the help of flask, we can build web apps with the python programming language. The primary goal of this framework is to develop lightweight applications with lower features in an easy and fast way. Flask is based on werkzeug, jinja, MarkupSafe, ItsDangerous. Which all are part of the pallet projects
Advantages of Flask
Disadvantages of Flask
FastAPI is a modern, fast and robust framework that helps in building APIs with python 3.6+ versions. It is considered to be one of the fastest python frameworks. It is a framework that is fast to code with fewer bugs induced by the developers. The primary focus of the FastAPI are, in
Companies like Netflix and Uber are using this framework which fully supports asynchronous programming and can run with WSGI(Web Server Gateway interface) and ASGI(Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface).FastAPI is a crucial element that brings Starlette, Pydantic, OpenAPI, and JSON Schema together.
Advantages of FastAPI
Disadvantages of FastAPI
Comparing Django vs Flask vs FastAPI
As we have discussed earlier in the article that every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages, let’s compare them based on the following parameters:
Final Words
Through this article, we came to know about the three most globally famous web frameworks based on python. They all have something best about themselves like if we need high performance in the application we can choose the FastAPI, or in case of flexibility, nothing is more flexible than Flask among all these frameworks. When we talk about Django we can use this framework as a full-stack development framework because it provides various facilities which can be very helpful in developing a large number of functionalities in one application because of its robust behaviour.
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