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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Advertising, and Location. Highlights include an API for an auto parts database and an API for financial news data. Here’s a rundown of the latest additions.
Gift & Go is a B2B gifting technology Platform. The Gift & Go APITrack this API offers enterprise level Integration. The service enables users to access the platform for rewards, incentive and loyalty experience, and Amazon Business global inventory for gifts. Get in touch with the provider for more information. This API is listed in the Gifts category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.
Partly APITrack this API allows auto part sellers to query parts, vehicle and fitment data from Partly databases which includes a parts catalog (GAPC) and a vehicle database (UVDB). Developers use the API to share and access part/vehicle information and fitment data. The common applications of Partly API include searching for vehicles to see compatible parts, looking up parts based on part numbers to see compatible vehicles and interchangeable parts, and querying supplier part information. This API is listed in the Auto category.
Screenshot: Partly

ConsoliAds is a mobile advertising platform. The ConsoliAds APITrack this API is accessible indirectly by SDKs for Android, iOS, Unity. The service can boost monetization in games and applications with advertisements. The API is filed under Advertising.
financelayer APITrack this API offers real-time and historical financial news data that can be filtered by dates and timeframes, sources, and search keywords, tags, and tickers. The API is listed under Financial.
Loyalty Prime ‘Prime Cloud’ is a loyalty SaaS for brands that offers solutions for transactional, emotional, social, engagement, and referrals. The Loyalty Prime RESTFul APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the service with methods to manage audit, deposit, exports, imports, membership, operations, promotions, transactions, voucher and more. The APIs follow Open API standard and standard integrations are available for ERP, PMS, eCommerce, POS software, campaign management, etc. Developers need to contact the provider for full Documentation. This API is filed under Loyalty.
Distance calculator APITrack this API can calculate distances between two coordinates. This service uses the geodesic distance to calculate the distance. Find this API in the Location category.
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Ayypi offers an APITrack this API for multiple business services. Currently offered are methods for translation, currency conversion, retrieving song lyrics, current city weather temperature, and screenshot capture with more offerings on the way. This API is listed in the Business category.
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