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Amazon’s cloud business is the leader in the cloud computing industry, reporting during its quarterly earnings last week that it’s now a massive $59 billion-a-year business.
But to keep that dominance, Amazon Web Services needs talent in an increasingly competitive market for people with cloud skills. The cloud titan is currently hiring for 20,004 people to support its business as of Friday afternoon, according to its own jobs page.
To get a sense for the top areas AWS is hiring for, as well as the cloud unit’s priorities, Insider looked at the open positions, located all over the world (and many offered remotely, reflecting a larger trend) — and how much those jobs might pay in base salary
Based on how AWS categorizes positions on its jobs page, the most in-demand area at AWS is software engineering with nearly 5,500 open jobs, followed by professional services with over 4,000 jobs, then solutions architects with over 1,500 jobs, and finally sales and marketing combined with over 1,200 jobs.
And while Amazon doesn’t generally list pay expectations alongside its openings, American companies are required to disclose salary information when they apply for H-1B work visas on behalf of “high skilled” current or prospective foreign workers.
Notably, that data doesn’t account for additional compensation like cash bonuses or stock awards, which can make up a significant portion of an employee’s total pay package. Each salary is also dependent on location, as noted below.
Insider previously reviewed the 236 H-1B visas Amazon’s cloud unit applied for from January to June of this year to get a rare look at how much it paid its software developers, data scientists, marketers, salespeople, business analysts, and more. Insider then cross-referenced AWS’s job postings with that data to determine what some of those roles might pay in base salary. The highest-paid employees at AWS, per that data, can make as much as $185,000 in salary.
An AWS spokesperson wrote in a statement to Insider: “We’re currently hiring around the globe, in a variety of different technical and business roles, to not only meet the needs of our customers and partners today but also predict and create what they’ll need in the future and push the boundaries on what’s possible for cloud computing.”
The Amazon jobs site shows it has 5,489 open job roles in software development, located in cities like Boston, New York, Cupertino, Dublin, and Vancouver. AWS also breaks out specific teams hiring for developers — the machine learning group has 84 open roles, the security engineering team has 243, and the system development team has 602.
Engineers at AWS are some of the cloud unit’s most important personnel, writing the code that allows the company to release new services and features at a breakneck pace.
Many of the open engineering roles focus on Redshift, the AWS data warehouse product the company itself also uses: CTO Werner Vogels once said the highlight of 2018 was when Amazon officially shut off its largest Oracle data warehouse in favor of Redshift. 
Other engineering teams at AWS, including networking, cloud management tools, space and satellite systems, and its core compute service EC2, are hiring for software developers at various levels. 
Here are some of those engineering jobs, as well as salaries for similar roles pulled from H-1B visa data:
There are 4,099 open roles in professional services on the Amazon jobs site, located in cities like New York, Atlanta, Denver, Munich, and Buenos Aires. Of those roles, AWS categories 3,281 as solutions architects, and a smaller number within are titled “professional services.” AWS also lists some software development and sales roles within the larger category.
The professional services team at AWS is dedicated to enterprise clients — some of the most valuable because they’re often the largest and most lucrative of customers. Professional services also has the expertise to help those customers actually start using their cloud technologies, which is a coveted resource currently in short supply for AWS and others.
Here are some of those professional services jobs and how much they pay, according to salaries for similar roles from visa data:
Amazon lists 1,544 open roles for solutions architects on its jobs site, in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, São Paulo, and Amsterdam. 1,449 of those roles are listed as solutions architects jobs; others are in areas like project management and software development.
As with any team that works with external stakeholders, solutions architects are often the face of AWS to customers. That also means they might help the AWS sales team close deals and prevent customers from jumping ship.
Solutions architects typically travel to visit clients in-person, and notably, some AWS job listings say “post pandemic” travel is expected to be 15-20%.
Here are some of those solutions architect jobs and how much they pay, according to salaries for similar roles in visa data:
Amazon’s own jobs site shows it has 1,258 open job roles across sales and marketing, located in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Arlington, Miami, London, and Tokyo. That breaks down to 942 in sales and 316 in marketing.
AWS does cross-list some marketing and sales roles in other categories such as software development, IT, and business intelligence, but the majority of jobs listed in the marketing and sales categories are in line with responsibilities typical of those corporate functions.
The AWS sales team is crucial in its fight against rivals Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as top sales reps often bring in large, enterprise companies as customers. But recent murmurings of discontent on the AWS sales team means the cloud giant needs to be especially vigilant about hiring, especially as competitors like Google are said to be looking to poach from among its ranks.
Marketers focused on industry verticals are also critical to AWS as it pushes into sectors like manufacturing, telecom, and healthcare — an industry that Microsoft recently made a splash in with its purchase of AI firm Nuance.
Here’s a selection of open roles in marketing and sales, as well as salaries for similar roles pulled from H-1B data:
The Amazon jobs site shows 666 open roles for program managers, in cities such as New York, London, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. 311 of those jobs are categorized in technical areas, and 200 are in non-technical areas. Other jobs in the program management category are listed in software development, support, and more.
Program managers at AWS serve as a connective tissue between developers and business team members. As with product managers, they’re expected to advocate on behalf of customers and are critical to keeping them happy — helping AWS stay the course as a $59 billion-a-year business.
Here are some of those program management jobs and how much they pay, according to salaries for similar roles from visa data:
There are 488 open product management roles on the Amazon jobs site, located in cities like Austin, Boston, Vancouver, and Berlin. Of those roles, AWS listed 399 in technical product management, and 42 in non-technical product management. AWS also lists some of those roles in areas like training development and software development.
Product managers are critical for tech companies because they often advocate for customer needs and help define where new products are headed — that’s important for AWS, as it releases a lot of products every year.
Some open product management roles are on strategic AWS teams like business applications, artificial intelligence, databases, and healthcare.
Here are some of those product management jobs and how much they pay, according to salaries for similar roles in visa data:
According to Amazon’s jobs site, it has 185 open jobs in data science, located in cities like Santa Clara, Seattle, and Berlin. Some of those roles are listed in categories like software development or business intelligence, but 62 are listed as strictly data science jobs.
Data scientists at AWS have a lot to work with — the scale of Amazon’s cloud means it generates enormous amounts of data that can be turned into business insights. The company’s “data-driven decision making” culture, made famous by founder Jeff Bezos, means data is a top priority in and outside the company.
Here’s a selection of data science jobs at AWS, and what the company pays data scientists according to H-1B data:
There are 147 open roles for support engineers on the Amazon jobs site, in cities such as Austin, Seattle, Taipei, and Sydney. 101 of those jobs are listed as operations, IT, or support jobs, and others are in categories like engineering and sales.
Similar to solutions architects and sales reps, support engineers are responsible for helping customers and represent the company. They also help AWS customers get the most value from their cloud investments.
Here are some of those support engineering jobs and how much they pay, according to salaries for similar roles from visa data: