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Your online activities are not saved on your computer when utilizing a proxy server; instead, they are sent to the proxy server. It improves the security and anonymity of your web browsing.
However, because the server does keep a record of your web browsing habits, your online activities can be linked to you. Dealing with a reputable proxy server appears to solve the issue because they won’t pass your data to anyone else. The majority of people employ proxies to bypass intrusive advertising tracking and obnoxious privacy warnings. And there are a lot of proxy server services that let you use their services for only a small fee.
Best Proxy Server Services - Free & PaidBest Proxy Server Services - Free & Paid
So, if you are looking for a tool that will keep your data safe from unauthorized access, you should weigh each of these selections carefully or select a tool that does both.
Deciding on the right proxy server to use is not always easy. The best proxy servers are in this list I have put together. To pick the best options, I decided to consider the following aspects:
High levels of confidentiality are required
Traffic allowances
Types of IPs in the pool
Other beneficial features
As I get into the specifics of the best proxy servers, let us take a selection of some of the more popular services and look at them closely.
What is it about this proxy server that distinguishes it?
For starters, Bright Data gathers over 72 million IP addresses in one location. Bright Data provides a wide variety of proxy server services, including residential IP address rotation, static IP address allocation, and mobile IP address allocation.
You may utilize Bright Data Proxy Manager, which allows you to minimize bandwidth usage, set up IP rotation rules, and exclude specific IP addresses, among other things. This program integrates easily with any operating system, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.
Bright Data is an excellent business tool. It includes all necessary features for data gathering, price comparison, ad verification, brand protection, SEO monitoring, and other jobs and services. This platform, on the other hand, can be utilized by both companies and individuals.
Affiliate marketers, for example, may use Bright Data to assess ad placement, verify affiliate relationships, and optimize marketing campaigns, to mention a few applications. Bright Data’s residential proxies support the HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols. In terms of customer service, there are many avenues for assistance.
If you have any questions or issues about the platform, you may contact them directly through phone, email, social media, or messengers. Furthermore, there are many tutorials, video courses, webinars, and documentation accessible to assist you in learning more about the product.
The program provides a variety of payment alternatives. You might, for example, buy a monthly membership or design your custom plan, paying just for the services you need and nothing more. When compared to competitors, the monthly membership fee starts at $500, which is much more. However, since it serves a very specialized customer with particular needs, this is one of the best proxy services accessible.
Enough amount of IP addresses
IP addresses of all types are available
There are many targeting choices available
A free trial period is offered
A proxy manager that is free of charge
In contrast to other providers, prices are very high
The very bare minimum deposit is $20
Smartproxy is a provider of data center and residential proxy services. They also provide mobile-friendly IPs. There are about 40 million addresses in the pool of rotating residential IP addresses. Proxy servers offered by the service are seldom banned or blacklisted due to the service’s rapid rotation process.
While your pricing plan may impose bandwidth limitations, the number of concurrent threads you may run is almost unlimited regardless of how much bandwidth you have available. The service allows you to choose the proxy server you need from a list of servers shown on the dashboard. Consequently, based on the kind of session, the location, or other variables, you may choose the best option.
With Smartproxy, you enjoy both Google Chrome and Firefox extensions without any stress, as most pro customers express that they want numerous features from the functional API. Similarly, if you need prompt client service, consider this network. The price differences depend on the client’s proxy services and traffic allowance.
For instance, you can get the residential proxies with 5GB bandwidth for as low as $75. Note that this minimal pricing is for a month as the lowest plan for data center proxies is $50 per month. The data center proxies provide a 100 GB traffic limit.
Irrespective of your profession or locality, you can consider either of the plans above as they are considerable and effective compared to other services. Interestingly, business services can also enjoy complex options that help achieve their desired aim as the platform is seamless and swift.
Most clients express that one of the reasons why Smartproxy stands out to other services is because their range of services is effective in avoiding cloaking, assisting in researching competitors, affiliate testing, and advert verification, among other features.
In addition, if you have a social media account and would like to stay hidden, you can use the Smartproxy residential plan as it has proven effective for others. There is no need to worry about being blocked.
Excellent & prompt customer service team
The client enjoys effective browser extension
Each plan is affordable compared to other services.
Numerous threads available
Mobile IPs for phone
There is a restriction for Geo-target.
Traffic limits
When you enter the homepage of Proxy-seller, the first thing that attracts you to the platform is its pocket-friendly pricing options. Among numerous venues, most clients rank Proxy-seller as a versatile solution with a cost-effective price.
Although they are a new provider and their server network range is not too vast, if you want a platform committed to customer service, try Proxy-Seller today. Aside from its excellent easy-to-use features, there are numerous proxies with impressive performances. So if you wish SOCKS proxies, IPv4, or IPv6 proxies, you don’t need to look far; Proxy-seller is here to serve.
Most customers will like to test service effectiveness before giving their total commitment, so Proxy-seller highlights an affordable option that enables you to have an experience of their network for just a week for as low as $0.76. After using the week plan, if you like what they offer, you can choose from a 1-month – 1-year plan, depending on preference.
With Proxy-seller, users can select the number of proxies for their package, but it must not exceed the intended amount. From one to a hundred, all you have to do is choose the plan you need and make the necessary payment. Within a short while, you will get appropriate service for your money. A single try of Proxy-seller is enough to convince you of their cost-effective solution.
Their customer service is always around the clock and eager to listen to your plight. Interestingly, they have various channels for communication to enable better service delivery. All you have to do is drop notifications to reach out to them from live chat to email.
Unlike other platforms, Proxy-seller allows different payment platforms to enable every individual around the globe to enjoy their services. Some of their popular payment options include; cryptocurrency(Bitcoin), WebMoney, QIWI, etc.
About their performance, they have proven effective on several occasions. With ping duration between 50-150ms, upload speed of 350 Mbps, and average speed of 50 Mbps, they are viable options for clients in need of quality service.
Although some terms and conditions are vital in their refund policy, you can always get your money back within a day after proxies payment. In addition, for those into SEO and requires multiple proxy addresses, you can refresh your plan each month.
There is an extensive range of pricing plans to enable you to choose the method you desire.
The prompt customer service team
Numerous payment methods to accommodate clients across different locations.
Excellent performance
Money-back guarantee on request.
Zero free trial
When compared with other platforms, they have smaller server networks.
SSL Private Proxy is among the leading and reliable proxy services on the market. The company founded in 2012 has grown to become one of the prestigious proxy services worldwide. Among other private organizations that offer similar providers, they rank among the best. They are specialized services that provide specific tasks across different packages.
Some of their services include; ads, online gaming, shopping, social media, and other targeted proxy services. They have numerous unique features, some of which include; effective security network and high-grade privacy. To prevent malware or fraud-related issues, they use both password and IP authentication in their login protocol and support HTTP & HTTPS.
Clients love SSL Private Proxy for their top-level security measures. Irrespective of your location, you are safe with this platform. Furthermore, you can remain anonymous depending on preference with SSL Private Proxy.
Another reason this platform stands out compared to others is its IP Authorization protocol that helps secure users’ login. You can connect with multiple devices using a single IP address with SSL Private Proxy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of service they render, you can request your money back within three days after payment. The refund procedure is swift as clients can’t test run services until they make the necessary payment.
Most of their packages have monthly proxy randomization for better client satisfaction.
Swift connection service
It enables both HTTP and HTTPS proxies with zero hindrance.
3-days refund guaranteed on request.
Unique features are available in each specialized package.
They offer multiple proxy addresses for a single user.
Clients enjoy different payment options, including cryptocurrency.
Although effective, quite expensive
SSL Private Proxy does not support SOCKS proxies.
No free plans.
Package prices are high.
If you require one of the world’s best optimization proxies, you don’t need to look far; simply choose Blazing SEO Proxies. The parent company of this service is Blazing SEO LLC which provides cloud-based solutions for clients. Their other interests include; scraping, servers, and proxies.
Although their data center is unique to a specific proxy type, they are reliable sticker proxies for customers across different locations. Customers rate them as one of the best sneaker datacenters because they provide a residential proxy that keeps them anonymous. In addition, there is an option of unlimited bandwidth and concurrent thread support, which are easy to use and available at pocket-friendly prices.
For the inception of this network, they were not designed for general use but to provide specific requirements for proxy users. If you have a specific proxy task to complete and require a reputable platform in this niche, consider Blazing SEO proxies.
Because Blazing proxies have specialized functions does not insinuate that they can’t serve general function purposes. Furthermore, some clients use them for monitoring, sneaker copping, or SEO auditing.
Its unlimited concurrent thread and bandwidth put them above others in similar industries that offer these services. Although they may not support all the locations like other services, they have numerous reasonable countries you can consider trying soon. Currently, the countries they support include; UK, US, and Canada, as they provide effective data center proxy based on client’s location support.
Considerable pricing offer for everyone
2-days free trial for new customers
Available across 13 countries
Effective for SEO monitoring or/and sneaker copping.
The proxies are swift and have unlimited threads and bandwidth.
There are some complaints about their customer team
Periodic lousy performance complaint.
For premium proxy services with excellent features, choose High Proxies. They have servers in distributed locations worldwide as they continue to improve on their service speed and performance. You can check out some of their packages to identify the one that suits your needs. Aside from being a reputable private proxy company, they share social media proxies, VPNs, and data center proxies.
They have more than 25,000 anonymous IP addresses, which are highly expansive depending on the client’s request. Their unique features include unlimited bandwidth(with all necessary packages) and 100% uptime guaranteed. Indeed, High Proxies is not an effective sneaker proxies network as they don’t perform well on some sites, but they are a unique choice with seamless service.
High Proxies pricing options are similar to Storm Proxies which means for as low as $2.30 a month; you can get their basic package that contains a single proxy. However, this plan may not include multiple locations and subnets, but you can check out other methods if you want more.
For multiple location choices, the cheapest plan is $11.50 per month, and if you have interest in bulk services, they reduce the charges. Furthermore, you can purchase 1000 private proxies at an instance as platforms might not offer sizable proxy numbers like High Proxies. Finally, regarding ticketing and social media proxies, you can get them for $325/month and $3.20/month, respectively.
A fast and secure HTTP/HTTPS proxies
Fast and responsive customer service
3-days money-back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth
Presently they do not accept credit cards
It doesn’t offer sneakers or SOCKS proxy
InstantProxies is the most famous shared proxy among search engines worldwide. They are fabulous providers of data center proxy because of their cheap price option. Although they specialize in data center proxies, they are effective at other reasonable proxy-related tasks, including SEO management and auditing. In addition, their location coverage is excellent and has proxies across numerous cities worldwide.
Users’ unlimited bandwidth and subnet variety ensure that customers remain anonymous as you access numerous websites. Additionally, they test their proxies before handing them over to clients, so you are dealing with a reputable company. Finally, as regards pricing, they are one of the best in the market. InstantProxies offer both free and paid services across numerous locations.
For as little as a few cents, you can get their minimal package. Ten proxies are available for $10 as clients get equal services after the required payment. Unfortunately, most datacenter proxies have a usage range because their services are blocked by some web services making it very easy to detect. If you patronize companies with these restrictions, you might not achieve your desired aim online.
However, InstantProxies function as one of the best in this industry. They perform better in specific proxy locations, one of which includes SEO research. In addition, their charges for SEO research are pocket-friendly for everyone.
Customer review shows that people prefer this platform because they use IP whitelisting for their authentication process. Other services use username authentication, but they don’t support it.
Swift connectivity
Unlimited thread & bandwidth
Efficient and prompt client support team
Free proxies
Affordable pricing option
They don’t reveal Server locations.
It does not support SOCKS proxies.
IP authentication is the only verification process.
If you are a social media enthusiast and in need of a mobile proxy provider that ensures high-quality anonymous connectivity, The Social Proxy is here for you. The network is by an Israeli provider and started their marketing campaign on BlackHatWorld, where they begin with giving clients free review copies to have an idea about their network.
Unlike other services that use a Peer-to-Peer network, The Social Proxy has complete control of its system to ensure client security. Another reason why clients like this platform are because of its social media automation features.
The Social Proxy is easy in that its IP rotation is via API with real-time login access to avoid disruption while using endless mobile IP addresses. Research shows that Instagram has a strict policy against bots and uses an anti-proxy system to identify and block fake proxies. Like other residential proxies, using this network for Instagram might lead to the account suspension or ban.
An effective tool for Social Media Automation
Swift proxy speed
Prompt customer service
Restricted Geo-targeting and location support
They do not support IP authentication.
This platform helps to improve clients’ online presence without wasting much effort. With its swift & innovative IPv4 features, users can use it for business-related activities with no hassle. Moreover, they offer both private and shared proxies with a proxy variety of residential, Adidas, Sneaker, Nike proxies, among others.
Their package variation depends on proxies duration and amount. Iced Out Proxies offers weekly and monthly plans. The packages contain numerous features to enable you to select your preference. Interestingly, they also provide TaylorMade proxies for gaming sites, social media, shopping, and ticketing.
Iced Out Proxies packages are reasonably priced for those in need of complete anonymity. One hundred monthly proxies are available for as little as $180. It is possible to get ten proxies per week for only ten dollars. Unfortunately, no discounts are available for annual payments from the firms, but the hassle-free pricing is affordable for nearly everyone.
A data center’s geographic location affects the price. Data centers for Iced Out Proxies are found in Virginia, New York, and Chicago.
A high degree of concealment
Various proxy IPs from different parts of the world are available
Access to a Fast Internet Source
Addresses are assigned using IPv4 technology
IPs are authenticated several times
Availability round-the-clock 24/7
Activation in an instant
Affordability and generous savings
Payment is provided using the online payment service Paypal
A small number of sites and data centers
Socks5 proxies are not supported
There is a no-returns policy in place, and this means there are no refunds
There is no free trial before you buy a membership to this service
This service collects about 70 000 IPs. The number of proxies is limited, but the costs are reasonable. StormProxies is primarily aimed at private individuals and medium-sized companies. There are several sorts of proxies available on the site. Privately dedicated proxies featuring data center IP addresses, rotating residential proxies, and more particularly backconnect rotational proxies may all be found online. The last option entails a mix of IP addresses from home and the data center.
For starters, StormProxies do not place any restrictions on the amount of traffic sent via them. Even so, the ultimate value of the service will be defined by the amount of IP addresses and concurrent connections that are utilized. The IPs in the pool come from all around the world. Even yet, keep in mind that the number of five-minute rotating residential proxies available is far smaller. The service is simple to use and offers round-the-clock help. All fundamental needs are met, such as complete anonymity and high degrees of security. Browsing extensions and APIs are also available to you.
In terms of cost, the platform offers a range of choices to suit various needs and budgets. It is among the most efficient, cost-effective, and competitive services available. You will have to shell out $10 a month for a package of five private proxies. At the same time, the lowest price for backconnect rotating proxies is $39 per month if you require them (the package consists of 40 concurrent connections).
bandwidth is unrestricted
Different kinds of IPs are available.
Prices that are within your reach
Exceptional service for clients
Absolute privacy and confidentiality are always ensured
There aren’t enough IPs in the pool.
There are just a few choices for geo-targeting.
Proxy servers act as a conduit between your device and the rest of the internet. A proxy server includes an additional layer of security by interacting with any webpage you access through your web browser. Proxy servers allow you to hide behind multiple IP addresses, making it nearly impossible to track your online activities.
It makes it possible for the websites you visit to see a fake version of your actual IP address. Proxies’ IP addresses are rotated regularly with this service. The use of a proxy is widespread, both among private individuals and in commercial settings. Many reasons lead people to use proxy servers, including the following:
Gaining access to previously inaccessible data or services
Internet browsing is made more enjoyable and responsive by addressing these problems
Encryption of data increases privacy and security
Obtaining competitive intelligence
Ensuring the safety of email (to prevent malicious content or fraudulent links)
Brand protection is improved by browsing the internet for signs of defamation or plagiarism.
Proxy servers have several advantages for businesses. Proxy servers are a great tool. As a result, they wouldn’t have been able to collect and process the information of their competitors. Trying to process an excessive amount of data from an opponent’s website is often flagged as skeptical, which brings us to our next point. Thus, this website can block your IP with ease. However, this will never occur if you use a reliable proxy server with an automatic IP rotator (rotational proxies).
Proxy servers come in varieties, including data center, semi-dedicated, dedicated, residential, and shared proxies.
They give out real IPs, allowing users to imitate their behavior.
Their private IPs are attained through intermediary companies. These kinds of proxy servers typically provide improved anonymity as well as faster data request responses.
They give out IPs that a large number of people can share at once. They are less expensive than private proxies, but they are just as effective at getting around content restrictions and unblocking restricted websites.
They are like shared proxies, but only one IP address can use them at a time. Three different people can only use one IP at the same time. Due to various users’ unusual activity, your account may be restricted if you use this proxy for social media websites.
As the name suggests, private proxies do not expose your IP address to the public. These proxies are the most secure on the market. Companies commonly use them.
Even though proxies are an essential tool, many companies are hesitant to utilize them. If they do not know about proxies, it is either their fault or their ignorance. Maybe it is because they are unsure how these services will benefit their company or even if they need one at all?
Do not worry if you are not sure why you are using a proxy in commercial activity. We have compiled a list of the top reasons to work with a proxy service supplier for your company.
Proxy servers serve primarily to disguise your network and web activity so that you may remain anonymous while browsing the web. There is a lot more to this anonymity than just an excellent privacy function.
We all need to be active on the internet, regardless of our field of work. It is true whether we are operating a technology company, an IT firm, providing advertising services, conducting research, or anything else.
Due to the lack of a proxy, all internet monitoring firms will have access to this information. As a result, you will have difficulties not only carrying out your duties but also risking the safety of your company.
Using a proxy service, on the other hand, prevents trackers and spies from gaining access to your company network. As a result, you will not have to stress about encountering roadblocks or losing confidential information.
In addition, employing proxy services for your company will speed up your workflow.
Due to slow speeds, you will frequently experience delays when doing routine tasks under typical circumstances. These delays increase the time it takes you to complete your responsibilities. It will have a negative impact on your enterprise.
You can ensure these difficulties are avoided with proxies since they use different bandwidth-saving methods, including caching online pages, preventing advertising, and compressing data. As a result, when you have sufficient bandwidth available, you may work as hard as you like. This open area encourages more outstanding communication and collaboration among the group members.
Having a functional online appearance is critical to running a thriving business. For the sake of your current and future clients, you must ensure that they can get in touch with you always.
When there is a lot of traffic, it is especially challenging for successful companies to keep this in mind. It takes a long time for your site to load for the visitor, which is a huge deterrent. Visitors often leave your website to find something else. In the end, all you get is a decrease in the number of consumers.
Proxy service companies aim to deal with this. Rather than overloading your servers with requests, they provide a single point of entry to a site while also controlling traffic. As a result, your clients will never have a problem contacting you.
Unauthorized usage of the company computer by employees is a standard security concern.
It is because if one of your employees commits a heinous act, your firm might take a big hit, including having its IP permanently blocklisted. Without a doubt, this puts a halt to your business operations and increases your operational costs, resulting in a loss of money in the long run.
Of course, educating tens of thousands of people about data protection is a difficult task. If so, can you never safeguard your company against such dangers? You definitely can if you choose to.
These dangers are reduced to a larger extent courtesy of the proxy service suppliers.
Proxy servers allow you to secure your internal systems by limiting access privileges. Network administrators at your company can see what devices are connecting to the network and what web pages they are visiting. You have full control over which platforms are allowed or denied on your company’s network with this evaluation.
By blocking social media platforms like Facebook, you may ensure that your staff is not squandering working time on social networking sites.
Finally, but maybe most importantly, using proxies helps protect your company’s data. There is no doubt about it: the finest business proxies for corporations can guarantee it.
Are you curious as to how this will all play out?
Your company network is vulnerable to hacks and virus assaults by groups that watch your online activities, as you already know. These online monitors do not succeed in accessing your business since proxies disguise your network and act as a middleman for both you and the internet. If your opponents can not readily find you, they will not be able to attack your company or steal your data.
However, this is hardly a foolproof approach to cybersecurity. However, it does contribute to reducing the likelihood of cyber-attacks.
Proxy servers are used for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they offer incognito online browsing, increased speed, enhanced data security, and so on. Second, using a proxy allows you to get around limitations and access whatever content you want, whenever you want. Third, some utilize proxy servers for their gain in the commercial world. For instance, it enables competition analysis, ad placement accuracy checks, and brand security improvements.
It can determine every Internet user by IP (Internet protocol), providing personal information like their location. Websites that you visit may also obtain access to this data. Thus, anybody who uses the internet is open to hacker assaults, intrusive advertising, and even identity theft. It occurs as a result of the number of confidential details we disseminate online.
Using a proxy server, on the other hand, establishes a conduit between your computer and the Internet. A proxy server connects to a website instead of you and redirects all required data, so the webpage does not see your actual IP address. Nobody will access your personal information or monitor your online activities if you use this method. As a result, even if a website is blocked in your jurisdiction, you may still access it.
Proxy servers may be divided into four categories: Residential proxy servers, data center proxy servers, shared proxy servers, semi-dedicated proxy servers, and dedicated proxy servers.
Real IPs are provided, allowing impersonation of user activity.
They offer anonymous IPs that have been obtained through intermediaries. Using a reverse proxy server ensures more anonymity while also speeding up response times for data requests.
They give out IPs that a large number of people may share at once. They are less expensive than private proxies, but they are just as effective at getting around content restrictions and unblocking restricted websites.
They are like shared proxies but only allow a certain number of IP addresses to connect at a time. With a single IP, you may serve up to three people at a time. Because of other users’ questionable actions, your social media account may be blocked if you engage in this sort of proxy surfing.
As the name suggests, private proxies do not expose your IP address to the public. Using these proxies, you may be sure that your online activities are completely confidential. Commercial establishments frequently employ them.
When it comes to using dedicated proxies, only one person may use them at any given time, whereas several individuals can further utilize shared proxies. It varies from company to firm, but on average, there are about 3-5 users per shared proxy. Affordable services, on the other hand, come with a lot more value.
Everything is subject to change based on the nature of the service. If a firm like Microleaves, for instance, only offers dedicated proxies in Buffalo, New York, you will not be able to select various locations. While many of the other firms offer numerous data centers from which to choose, in most situations, you can’t.
Only a few service providers provide free subscriptions for a limited time, usually between one and three days. Regrettably, in the past, many people have taken advantage of such trials to exploit proxies in various ways. Thus, many firms are reluctant to provide free trials right now.
If your proxies ever fail, most firms promise to change them for free. Proxy replacements are often limited to every new billing period, and carriers are notoriously frugal, only doing one proxy change each month on average.
Port 25 is frequently blocked, and SMTP-based email is not permitted, but nearly anything else is. In other words, major webmail applications like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, and others may use private proxies for web mailing.
People and companies alike utilize proxies regularly, as previously indicated. Let us take a closer look at what is going on here.
A personal proxy is linked to a specific location for you to utilize. Geo-restricted content may become accessible this way. Customers, for example, may search for and book flights from places with the best deals.
Second, by encoding queries, proxies can increase web activity and security for users.
For professional purposes, Business entities frequently employ proxies to acquire competitive information and gain an advantage over their rivals. When used as a proxy, they may collect and analyze a significant quantity of publicly accessible data on competitors’ pricing tactics and other aspects (such as customer evaluations or market factors) faster than if they were doing it on their own.
Due to recurrent blockages, it would not be easy to get this information without proxies. A significant number of orders are sent to a remote server when data collection is underway.
When many requests occur from a specific IP address, it is problematic because websites flag this as suspicious behavior and ban the IP address. Rotating proxies or a proxy rotator avoid this since IP addresses are continually updated with proxies. As a result, data collection may continue anonymously and efficiently.
Many companies use proxies for email protection and data collection because of many emails containing virus files, ransomware, or questionable URLs. Proxy servers assist in scanning and removing harmful information from any incoming email.
Using proxies to browse the internet for stolen material or contraband items is another popular use case.
Some individuals prefer free proxy because it offers numerous features and is easy to navigate. However, they do not know that something might go wrong, thereby wishing for a paid plan. Moreover, technical issues always happen with most proxy platforms to avoid such occurrences; it is best to select a paid service.
Although numerous networks offer free plans, the truth is, it is quite difficult to find a long-lasting proxy service that is free. Most times, their providers turn them to a paid version or they become outdated and disappear after a while. In addition, using a free proxy puts your device at the risk of a serious security threat. Hackers can get hold of your data and extract valuable data from your account.
Paid proxies always have strict terms of services that ensure clients get appropriate data protection for their money. If you are running a business account, choosing a paid proxy is not a bad idea in order not to tarnish your brand reputation as they provide maximum security.
Another reason why paid proxies stand out is that clients don’t have to worry about server crashes or disappearance since they are dealing with a reputable company. In the case of any inquiry or challenge, you can contact customer team service.
With a reliable proxy, you will get ethically sourced proxies. The only challenge is how to identify which of the numerous paid proxies serves your needs. If you experience similar difficulty, below are points to consider when choosing a reliable proxy provider;
Reliability: A trusted proxy must provide client account managers with prompt customer service. Similarly, their money-back guarantee duration must be precise in case customers are not satisfied with what they offer. As a prospective client, you need to review these services and others effectively.
IP location and pool size: For those that want to scrap extensive data from different countries, ensure to identify the proxy provider IP location and pool size.
Speed and success rate: An effective proxy network should have a 90% success rate, with 95% or more of the best provider. You should have any company that has less than the recommended percentage.
Support and integration: A trusted proxy provider must be articulate with their words so clients can clearly understand their message. Some client providers integrate tutorials.
From the above content, I am sure you understand the meaning of proxies and their numerous functions. However, from the vast proxy service providers in the industry, as all of them claim to be better than one another, how can a novice identify the best service for his brand?
While there’s no legal restriction to this knowledge, it might be challenging to solve the problem on your own without having basic information. Below are few pointers to identify a suitable proxy;
This point involves how many IP addresses a proxy provider is willing to offer at a special price. In addition, ensure to identify the IP location of the provided services. Large IP location numbers signify more advantages for your business. However, if your business is only within geography, you can choose a proxy service that offers a large number for a particular location.
Before proceeding with payment, confirm the service providers offer fast IPs. The network reliability status should be within 90-95% or more. Note that the higher the percentage, the better the success rate.
Unlike VPN apps or proxy services effective for personal use, it is somewhat challenging to integrate into the company’s network. So before subscription, ensure to go through the integration procedures. If you have zero knowledge of business proxies, choose the one that is easy to install or explains the integration process. Trusted proxy providers provide detailed integration instructions.
In conclusion, a reputable business proxy always ensures to assist when required. Irrespective of the client’s issues, they should ensure prompt service delivery and client satisfaction. If you notice any delay in their services, simply ask for a refund and search for a better provider that will entertain your request.
Proxy servers have excellent features that provide a better user experience. Some of which include; anonymity, privacy, security, etc. Currently, the internet is a community that ensures prompt communication among individuals worldwide. People have fun putting their daily activities online, and there are corporate bodies that generate revenue from extracting individual personal data. With a trusted proxy server, you don’t have to worry about security leaks as you surf the internet.
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